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Pre Christmas Car Servicing Liverpool

Does your car need a service? We know what it’s like – the service light comes on in November but between work, Christmas shopping and everything else on your plate you just allow it to flash at you every journey, instead of getting around to actually booking it into a garage. Sound familiar? Or perhaps you’re the kind of car Continue Reading...
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Road Safety Week 2018

19-25 November 2018 marks Road Safety Week, a national road safety campaign which aims to promote the safe use of the UK’s roads and inspire organisations and communities to proactively reduce the amount of deaths caused by road traffic accidents by spreading the message and boosting awareness. This is a topic that matters a lot to us here at Berry Continue Reading...
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It’s Time to Consider Winter Car Safety

At this time of year it’s important to begin considering how ready your car is for the winter weather. If you have a relatively new vehicle, some of these points may be redundant but not many! There are precautions that all of us should take if we’re using the road during the winter months. Here is a list of what Continue Reading...
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