The best place for your MOT test in Liverpool

Our mechanics have got you covered

The MOT testing service at Berry Street Garage has a great reputation throughout the city.

So much so that it’s not just motorists who live on our doorstep that come here to have their car MOT’d.

What is it about Berry Street that makes people travel here to get their MOT test in Liverpool? Well here are a few of the top benefits of our signature service.

The cost of your MOT

It will come as no surprise that the number one thing that brings people to us for their MOT test in Liverpool is the price. The cost of an MOT at Berry Street Garage is just £35.

That’s a price that really won’t be beaten anywhere else.

The price of car repairs

When you’re on the lookout for somewhere to get your MOT test in Liverpool it is not just the cost of the MOT itself that you need to take into account.

We all hope that our car is going to pass the test but in case it doesn’t it’s a good idea to book it in with a garage that you know is both reliable and reasonably priced.

Some unscrupulous garages will reel you in with a low cost MOT testing service in the knowledge that they’re going to charge you over the odds for repairs if you car fails.

Not us.

We charge a fair price for a job well done and nothing more. The five star reviews you’ll find on our site should leave you in no doubt about that.

We are local and independent

Ours is pretty much the lowest priced MOT test in Liverpool AND we’re a local, independently run business.

You might be able to get a low cost MOT at a big chain garage but it’s rare to find an independent business charging just £35 for an MOT test in Liverpool.

We’re confident in the quality of our service and we know that a happy customer is much more likely to return in the future, so we’re happy to charge the same as the big boys for our MOT testing service .

We aim for happy, satisfied customers and we get loyalty in return.

In fact, whatever you need for your car, whether it’s a service, a repair or an MOT test in Liverpool, you can rely on us.