Ford, Vauxhall, Audi and BMW repairs in Liverpool

The type of vehicle doesn’t matter

In fact, whatever make or model your vehicle – whether you are looking for specialists in BMW repairs in Liverpool, for experienced Ford repairs in Liverpool or even just for reliable but cheap car repairs – Berry Street Garage is here and able to help.

Based in Bootle, close to the city centre, we offer the cheapest MOT’s and servicing packages around.

What’s more, we are well stocked with a range car parts and our team has years of combined experience of working with every common make and model.

From repairs to servicing and from tyre replacement to body work, Berry Street has got you covered.

BMW repairs in Liverpool

If you are looking for reliable, experienced mechanics specialising in BMW repairs in Liverpool but you don’t want to pay the prices charged by your local BMW dealership, Berry Street Garage can meet your needs.

Being an independent garage, we don’t charge the high prices that you’ll be quoted at your local dealership.

BMW repair in Liverpool doesn’t have to be the preserve of BMW dealerships alone.

In fact, you could save a packet by bringing your beloved BM to us, while receiving a service that is just as good (if not better – but don’t tell them we said that!).

Ford repairs Liverpool

Ford is one of the most popular car manufacturers.

Can you imagine how many Fords we work on every month?

While it is the job of the dealership to sell you on the idea of going back there for every little thing you need, for the life of your vehicle, the chances are that we have just as many Ford specialists here at Berry Street as they do there.

If you’re in need of emergency Ford repairs in Liverpool and your dealership want you to wait days for an order, try us.

We may well have the parts you need in stock.

Brakes, exhausts, suspension, cambelts and tyres – we know them all and we’ve seen them all. We can repair them all fast, and for prices that no dealership can match.

Cheap car repairs can still be high quality

You only have to click on the testimonials page of our website to see that we regularly receive 5* reviews from across our social media platforms.

You can’t fake that.

When it comes to putting your vehicle into the hands of a new garage, wouldn’t you rather it be one that has been recommended by a long list of customers before you?

Our prices are affordable because we’re independent.

Our reviews are good because cheap car repairs and top quality service can go hand in hand.
we can help you with any vehicle testing, servicing or repairs, drop in anytime.