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At Berry Street garage we bring a smile back to both you and your car. Yes we’re experts at what we do and that’s a given; but we like to be and do so much than that! When bringing your vehicle back it’s former glory we want to show you and your vehicle the care and attention you both deserve. As you can probably tell already we are pretty passionate about our work and that’s exactly how we think it should be.

When handing over the keys to your vehicle you would want to know that professional, experienced and fully insured technicians are in control and that’s exactly what you get at Berry Street garage. Your vehicle may require our bodywork due a road collision or an accident, however there are other factors that can affect it.


What do I need to look out for?

If your car is showing any signs of exposure to its bodywork then it would definitely be worth getting in touch with one of our experts for an assessment. We can advise you on the best possible course of action; as they say prevention is better than cure. Whether you need our rustproofing service to either halt or prevent rust in the future we can ensure that you are well informed and possibly save you a lot of money in the future. It’s a good idea to give your vehicle a regular once over through the cold and rainy season as it’s easy for someone to scrape your vehicle or ding it with a trolley at the supermarket. I mean have you seen the way people just leave they’re trolleys lying around… Don’t get me started on that! If you notice a hole in your car’s bodywork don’t let it go unattended for long even if you believe that it’s not a structural problem; as that small hole may turn into a big gap. We have lost of solutions available all under one roof.


We can repair your bodywork

We offer a variety of methods to deal with any issues on your car’s body; repairing rust or even large holes. At Berry Street garage all of our work is carried out the highest standards of safety and integrity.


Do I need to get rid of the rust from my vehicle?

In short yes you do! If your car bodywork is showing signs of rust then you will need to address it at some point in the future if you still want to use the vehicle safely. The structural integrity of your vehicle is of paramount importance and it’s not something that you should take lightly. Depending on the make, model and damage to your car’s bodywork your safety can be greatly affected if damage goes untreated. You want to ensure that your car perform adequately if your vehicle’s bodywork integrity is tested in a collision; it really is better to be safe than sorry. We can make sure that concerns of yours are addressed in a timely, effective and affordable manner. Yes, we really can just give us a call and let us tell you the score.


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