Spotting The Warning Signs of Brake Problems

For the safety of yourself and other road users it’s vital that every component of your vehicle is in tip top condition, always ensuring its road-worthiness. The best way to do this is to have regular car servicing by expert mechanics who can keep the car in working order to increase its lifespan and while we’re at it, we can spot any problems that may need fixing urgently.  We offer many repair and replacement services including the all important brake pad replacement. 

One of the key components of the vehicle’s safety are the brakes, and there are a number of problems that can occur with the brake system . Spotting the warning signs before brake failure will save you money, time, breakdowns and accidents. Take a look at some of the top indications of brake failure.


Brake Warning Light

brake warning light


One of the most clear indicators of brake failure and one that will prompt you to check out your brakes is the brake warning light that will appear on your dashboard. This is an obvious warning that there are problems with the brake system and attention should be given to this area immediately to prevent accidents from occuring. The brake warning light could signify that the brake fluid is low, or a change in the brake system hydraulic pressure, or a more persistent problem such as worn brake pads to which we can provide brake pad replacement.


Grinding or Squeaking Noises

It’s important to listen to your car frequently so that you can easily spot when something sounds different. When problems occur with the brake system you will hear grinding, squealing or squeaking noises which could mean that there are problems with the brake pads. The noise you’re hearing will be metal hitting metal as the brake pads are worn down. You will need brake pad replacement as soon as possible, which is a service that we offer here at Berry Street Garage.


Vibration in The Steering Wheel

Uneven brake rotors usually show through a vibration in the steering wheel when the brakes are applied. Brake rotors help to slow the vehicle down and they need to be smooth and even in order to function properly.


Soft Brake Pedal

Test the brakes regularly by pressing the pedal down and if they feel spongy or soft then this will need immediate attention as there could be air or moisture in the braking system.


Vehicle Pulling to One Side

Your car pulling to one side can indicate a number of issues with the vehicle, however if this only occurs when braking, we advise that you visit Berry Street Garage as soon as possible as this may be a symptom of a problem with the caliper.


Brake Pad Replacement and Brake Repair Liverpool

Here at Berry Street Garage we specialise in brake pad replacement and the repair of other brake problems. Our specialists are able to diagnose, replace and repair as soon as possible as we are regularly stocked with all of the parts that we need. These are just a few tips on spotting the warning signs that will hopefully prompt you to visit your garage to have your car back in a roadworthy condition as soon as possible. Call our team today on 0151 933 8812 to book in your brake repair work.