Buying winter car tyres in Liverpool

Is your car prepared for Winter?

Do you change to Winter tyres when the temperatures drop? If you hadn’t considered it before, maybe you should, especially to our winter car tyres in Liverpool.

The Association of British Insurers acknowledges that ‘winter tyres could have a positive impact on improving road safety’.

They are specifically designed to handle cold conditions much better, as well as on wet roads.

If you’re looking for car tyres in Liverpool, look no further than Berry Street Garage – one of the most trusted garages for new car tyres and used car tyres in the city.

When and why to switch to winter tyres

To some extent the ‘when’ is obvious. You switch to winter tyres in the winter!

That said, you don’t want to put your new car tyres on too soon.

Winter tyres can be a huge benefit in low temperatures but they are not suitable for year round use, so don’t switch before it gets cold enough.

Do your research now and seek the advice of a garage that specialises in car tyres in Liverpool to find the best price and time to switch.

Winter tyres are made of rubber specifically designed to retain its flexibility in low temperatures and they use a tread pattern designed for maximum effect too.

If you’re shopping for car tyres in Liverpool, chances are that temperatures in the city won’t dip low enough to put your winter tyres on until December/January but if you live in a rural area, where the weather can be more extreme and you need to do lots of driving even in the snow and ice, it could be worth thinking about changing sooner.

Making winter tyres affordable

Winter tyres must be fitted in sets of 4 because fitting just two will adversely affect the handling of your car.

We all know that a full set of new car tyres isn’t always cheap.

However, buying car tyres in Liverpool from Berry Street Garage doesn’t have to cost the earth and could be more than worth it in the safety stakes. You could, for example, consider buying used car tyres for winter use, if you don’t need them for long each year.

Most manufacturers make winter tyres, so you are likely to have some choice and some come pre-fitted to steel wheels.

If you have alloys at the moment, switching to steel wheels for the winter could mean that you need to change the wheel nuts. For these reasons, shop for car tyres in Liverpool at reputable places that can offer you professional advice .

Though no tyre is a substitute for responsible driving, if you’re going to need to drive in snow and ice this year now is a good time to start preparing your car for the winter and budgeting to do so.

Drive safe!

Looking for car tyres in Liverpool? For winter tyres or year round use
look no further than Berry Street Garage.