Everything You Need to Know About The Cambelt

Also known as the timing belt, the cambelt is located in the engine of a vehicle and is an essential part of the engine’s function. The purpose of the cambelt is to keep the camshaft and crank in proper timing, it ensures that the pistons and crankcase are in sync with the valves and cylinder head. Synchronization is vital in all components of a car and particularly in the engine, the valves of the engine need to open and close at the correct time for correct combustion in the engine. As with all components in a vehicle, the cambelt can become worn and will undoubtedly need replacing eventually. Here are some of the signs that your vehicle needs cambelt replacement.

When should you look into cambelt replacement?

There is no set time for when a cambelt will need replacing, it all depends on your vehicle mileage which differs from one vehicle to another. For your particular model you can check the manufacturer’s handbook to give you an idea of when to replace the cambelt in years or when you hit a certain mileage. A service at a reputable garage such as Berry Street Garage will also inform of when the cambelt is due for replacement.

However, the cambelt can fail before the specified replacement time which will be reflected in the car’s performance. If so, this should not be ignored and you will need cambelt replacement immediately. Cambelt failure is sometimes not noticeable in your driving, but there are other tell tale signs to look out for.


How to tell if you need cambelt replacement

  • Loud Noises

A common symptom of cambelt replacement is the loud noises that will appear when the vehicle is running. Loud squealing, hissing, rattling or grinding noises are usually clear indicators of problems with the cambelt.

  • Problems Starting the Vehicle

When the cambelt breaks it will be it will be difficult to turn over the engine. There might be some engagement in the starter motor, however as the crank and camshaft are not working properly the engine won’t turn over.

  • Visually Check the Condition of the Belt

When the cambelt is broken there will be physical signs of wear and tear. The belt may become cracked or frayed and the undeside may look glossy. If you spot any of these physical symptoms you will need cambelt replacement immediately.

  • Smoke From the Engine

Exhaust is let out through the cylinder and the opening and closing of the valves can become unsynchronised when the cambelt becomes worn and a large amount of smoke will be let out through the exhaust system.


Cambelt Replacement by Berry Street Garage

If you spot any of these symptoms or have your suspicions about a failing cambelt you need to visit a garage who have specialist mechanics to diagnose this problem and replace your cambelt. Book your cambelt replacement in Liverpool today by calling 0151 933 8812 .