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With our years of experience and numerous five star reviews , Berry Street Garage is considered by many to be the top choice for repairs for car brakes in Liverpool and as a car repair garage in general.

If you’re in need of car brakes in Liverpool make us your first stop.

Our experienced and friendly engineers will be happy to provide you with a competitive upfront quote and to get the job done for you quickly, in our large and well-equipped car repair garage.

We are based in Bootle, within easy reach of the city centre and always willing to make the car brakes in Liverpool our priority – after all, they are one of the most important parts of the car, when it comes to keeping you safe AND one of the easiest to remedy when they falter.

How to Know When You Need New Car Brakes in Liverpool

The number one reason that people seek brake pad replacement is that their car has failed its MOT .

If you’re not allowed to keep driving the vehicle without new brake pads, that’s good motivation to get them fixed indeed!

However, take a minute to think about the importance of your car brakes.

Liverpool would have far fewer road accidents if more people were monitoring the responsiveness of their brakes and seeking brake pad replacement of their own accord when they noticed it drop.

So what are the warning signs that alert you to worn brakes?

Well, it sounds obvious but if you receive a note on your MOT – so your car passed but the car repair garage warned you that the brakes would need work soon – don’t ignore that.

Yes, it means that you don’t have to get your brakes fixed in order to pass but it also means that the biggest thing stopping you from hitting the car in front is on its way out.

That’s kind of important.

Next, be aware of how your car handles.

If it’s relatively new or passed its MOT without the brakes being flagged try to be consciously aware of how quick your vehicle is to stop when you break.

If, over time, you find yourself putting your foot to the floor and still only narrowly missing the car in front it might be time to at least have your car looked at by Berry Street Garage – number one for car brakes in Liverpool.
We’ll give you our honest opinion, so don’t put it off.