Professional Car Clutch Replacement in Liverpool

Does yours Need Replacing?

Car clutch replacement prices can vary vastly from garage to garage and, honestly, by the time that most people even have clutch replacement costs on their mind they are in little position to shop around because they are facing an emergency repair.

The signs that you are in need of car clutch replacement can be subtle, right up until your clutch goes completely.

At that point there is nothing subtle about it – you’re going to need a car clutch replacement before you can move your vehicle anywhere without the help of a tow truck!

The way to avoid the need for this inconvenient and potentially costly emergency repair is to get your car checked and serviced regularly, as well as to get to know your vehicle, so that you come to notice changes in its performance.

If you get your car services in Liverpool, we can help you there.

More on that in a minute.

First let’s tackle…

How to Recognise when you Need a Car Clutch Replacement

If your clutch has started to slip there will be a few changes in its responsiveness but you’re going to need to be on the ball in order to spot them.

There is a chance that you are in need of a car clutch replacement if:

The clutch height feels different. In other words, if you have to press the peddle a little further before the clutch starts to engage

You press the accelerator and the car increases in revs but there is a moment’s hesitation before the car speeds up

Clutch replacement costs can be lower if the job is scheduled – at the very least you will be able to drive your car to the garage without needing a tow – so it is worth staying vigilant to these signs.

Avoid Nasty Surprises with Our Car Servicing

Every car over 3 years old must undergo MOT testing by law, so we know that our clutch will be checked every 12 months BUT that is not often enough to keep on top of potential problems.

We offer a full range of car services for Liverpool drivers, including diagnostic tests and car servicing.

A car service is one of the best ways to keep on top of your car’s ‘general health’ and will ensure that potential issues don’t go unnoticed for long.

Booking your service at Berry Street Garage will ensure you the most reliable and friendly ‘service for your service’ too.

If you do need a car clutch replacement then we’re here for you and if you don’t, well then we highly suggest you take our advice and keep things that way.

We know what we’re talking about!