What’s included in a Berry Street Garage car service?

Are you in the market for a car service? In Bootle, motorists trust Berry Street with their vehicles every day and leave behind glowing reviews of our friendly, expert mechanics. So if you happen to need a car service in Bootle then you’re in luck; you’ve found us!

Our full car service is just £110, a very competitive price that means we compete for the best value service in the area. 

So, what do you get for your £110? Let’s take a look.

Car Service in Bootle with Berry Street Garage

It’s recommended that you get a full car service every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Our full car service in Bootle is a comprehensive check of 69 different points in and around your vehicle. During the full service we check the vehicle in every way we need to in order to be confident that it’s running safely and efficiently. If we find something that isn’t quite up to par, we’ll let you know and can then quote you for a repair.

The areas we check include the following parts of your car:

Engine                           Steering

Fuel                               Suspension

Drive system                Exhaust

Electrics                       Brakes

Tyres and wheels         Internal

We’ll also stamp your service book, to ensure that you maintain your vehicle’s service history and we’ll turn off the service light on your dashboard, assuming that you have one and it’s lit.

Come to Berry Street for a car service in Bootle and we’ll leave no stone un-turned, while thoroughly checking your vehicle. You’ll drive away confident in the safety of your car.


We drain and replace your engine oil, as well as replacing your oil filter as standard. We top up your car’s gearbox fluid and transaxle oil, if applicable. We also replace the air filters, grease your steering and suspension if required, and check a number of other element before advising you if we believe you need to take further action to make your vehicle safe and sound.

Don’t treat your car service as voluntary

These days cars run relatively quietly, so it can be difficult to notice when something starts going wrong within the engine. For that reason it’s so important to let our experts check every last part of your car on a regular basis. Something as simple as incorrect tyre pressure is easily rectified in seconds, but can slip under the radar if you skip your car service. When you drive on tyres with the wrong pressure, your fuel efficiency drops significantly and you are more likely to cause uneven tyre wear.

That is just one area where a simple check can make a big difference. So if your car is due to be serviced, take action. If you need a car service in Bootle, get in touch.

You can call us on 0151 933 8812, or book directly through our website by completing our online pre-booking form .