Looking for a Reliable Car Servicing Garage to Rely on?

New Year Car Servicing at a Garage You Can Trust

A lot of things get put off in December, we know that – it’s a busy time – but if the ‘car service required ‘ notice has been showing on your dashboard for a while now, or even if you just know it’s been awhile since your last service and that has driven you to search for ‘car garages near me‘ then you’ve found yourself in the right place.

As one of the most reliable car servicing garages in the city, we’ll look after you!

Finding The Best Car Garage Near Me

It’s the new year – the time to take care of all those little jobs that took a back seat as 2016 was winding down.

If car service costs put you off getting the job done in December, you’re going to want to find a local car servicing garage that you can trust, that won’t charge over the odds now.

So how do you decide which car servicing garage to go with?

We suggest that you can’t go far wrong when following these criteria and look for:

  • Track record – Berry Street Garage has been established for years and we have many loyal customers for whom we are the one-stop-shop for all car repairs, servicing and advice.

Track record can’t lie.

  • Convenience – We keep more stock than many local, Liverpool car servicing garages. We do this so that our customers don’t have to wait around, with their vehicle off the road, for their parts to be delivered.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need new parts fitted if you bring your car in for a service but if we do find a problem that needs to be rectified right away, the chances are that we’ll be able to rectify it right away, with a part that is already in stock.

If we don’t have your particular part available we do have the ability to get hold of most parts by the following day.

  • Recommendation – We don’t like to blow our own trumpet too much but we’re rated 5 out of 5 on Google you know?

Take a look at the home page of our site for a few of our latest customer reviews.

  • Competitive pricing – our complete car service costs just £110.

That’s not going to break the bank, even in January

The Car Servicing Garage You Should Choose

So if ‘car garages near me’ are high on your new year agenda and you’re looking for a car servicing garage that you can trust in Liverpool, make it Berry Street Garage .