The top ways the cold can damage your car

Weather can make such a difference to how your car runs year round, and never is this more noticeable than through winter. Winter weather can be very harsh on everyone involved, and your car is no exception! There are so many ways that cold weather can damage your car, and very easy solutions that can make sure you won’t have to make plans to look for car servicing in Liverpool !

Avoid looking for car servicing in Liverpool

By reading these simple tips telling you all of the ways that you can avoid having your car damaged by winter weather you can save yourself a trip to your local garage! Although, for some you might find it is easier to make sure that you visit your garage beforehand to ensure that all preparation work is taken care of before winter hits hard.

Check your battery

Your battery dying can be one of the most irritating results of cold weather on your car – mostly because you won’t know if there is a problem until you’ve tried to turn your car on! Testing your battery , or having your battery tested before cold weather starts to set in can let you know your battery’s health so you don’t have to worry about waking up one day to a dead battery.

If you have the option to keep your car in a garage through the winter nights, definitely take it. This is one certain way to make sure your car doesn’t feel effects like this throughout the colder months.

Don't forget to get your new winter tyres!

Replace your tyres

Nothing can be better for maintaining your cars health than making sure you have winter tyres ready for those months. Cold air can take a real toll on your tyre pressure, which is why we recommend either making sure you’re constantly checking your inflation and monitoring the drop.

If you don’t have the time and ability to constantly check your tyre pressure and reinflate your tyres (and who does?) then we definitely recommend getting new winter tyres to make sure that you are covered and won’t be suffering from deflated tyres.

Be careful you don't need spark plug replacement this year!

Spark plug replacement

This might sound like a big step, but spark plug reliability can become very weak throughout winter thanks to the effects the cold weather has on the parts. A weak or bad spark plug or ignition component or even a clogged filter can mean that your car won’t be starting in the winter mornings. You should always make sure that your spark plugs are in good condition while you head toward the winter months, or at least make sure you know of a garage that does great spark plug replacement services!

Keep your windshield wipers in perfect condition this year!

Check wiper and washer solvent

You should definitely make sure that you’re cleaning your cars windshield before you turn on your wipers through winter – this is where a lot of wiper issues can be solved! Blades can become torn and wiper transmissions can break because of the effects of cold weather on your windshield, and as the wipers are only made from rubber, harsh weather conditions will definitely rip them.

By taking in all of these simple effects that winter weather can have on your car, you should be able to prevent yourself from having any serious damage inflicted upon your vehicle through the cold months. If not, we’re sure we’ll see you soon for the best car servicing Liverpool can offer!