Car Suspension Specialists Liverpool

Car Suspension In Liverpool, we are the experts

Are you sick of driving and feeling every single bump in the road? Getting some serious motion sickness just popping to the shops? Well then you need a car suspension expert in Liverpool and that’s us at Berry Street Garage in Bootle. We can turn that dreaded bumpy car ride into a smooth dream ride. We are just that good.

Having faulty suspension is no issue for our expert mechanics, with their years of experience, being highly trained and with the help of some fancy pants modern technology, they will be done in a jiffy.

Faulty Suspension in Liverpool, a thing of the past

There are a few signs that you can look out for with your car, which can help you know whether or not you need to bring your car to us, so keep your eye out for:

  • Your car bouncing up and down
  • Losing control when you stop suddenly
  • Veering off course
  • And a visible fault in the suspension

And as well if your car seems to be sagging as low as some peoples trousers nowadays, you should definitely drop by our garage because your suspension needs checking out as soon as possible.

Even if you think your suspension seems okay, we advise that for every 15000 miles you drive, you get your cars checked out and serviced. Then if our mechanics find something that needs doing it will be a less costly endeavor than if it was left unchecked.

Regular checks by professional mechanics find the everyday wear and tear that car owners can miss. Our trained eyes give us the advantage

So give us a call now and get booked in with our mechanics or to find out about any other services we offer.