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Car wheel alignment is a relatively small and inexpensive job but it can have more of an impact on your driving experience than you might think.

How can I tell if I need car wheel alignment?

Misaligned wheels can cause a number of things to happen to your vehicle.

The effects can be subtle at first but, left unchecked over time, will undoubtedly lead to wear and tear, which can be costly.

If you spot any of the following symptoms, even if it is only to a small degree, it’s worth getting your car checked out to see whether you’re in need of car wheel alignment.


  • Uneven tyre wear

If your wheels are misaligned then your tyres are not making contact with the road in the way that they should.

One side or other of a particular tyre will be doing more of the work than the other.

At first, this will manifest as uneven wear of your tyre tread.

If you notice that the tread of one of your tyres is wearing unevenly this is a sure sign that you need to seek car wheel alignment.

It won’t get better on its own and is always best to get the work done as soon as you notice the problem, instead of waiting for the condition of the tyre to break down to a dangerous degree.

Wheel alignments cost relatively little, especially when compared with the possible repercussions of a burst tyre.


  • Car pulling off course as you drive

Have you noticed your car pulling to one side or the other?

If you have to keep your hands firmly gripped to the wheel to stop your car veering off course, then the chances are that your tyres are misaligned.

If everything is running smoothly your car should default to driving straight, unless you turn the wheel, so this symptom is relatively easy to spot.

If you’ve noticed your car drifting at all, act on that.

Bring it to us and we’ll check it for you. Plenty of people have Googled ‘wheel alignment near me’ and been thrilled with the service they received from us here at Berry Street Garage .


  • Lack of control

If you feel that your driving experience has altered and that you have less control over your car than you did, even if the problem doesn’t fit with either of the who described above, the problem could be as simple as misaligned wheels.

Chances are, if you describe to us what’s happening, we’ll be able to tell you whether you need a car wheel alignment.

Even if not, a quick check is all we’ll need in order to confirm.

Don’t let wheel alignment cost put you off

Car wheel alignment isn’t a huge job and wheel alignment costs are always lower than the price of leaving the problem unsolved. If you’re concerned, contact us now for a quote.