The Importance of Car Wheel Alignment

Check Your Car’s Wheel Alignment Now For Optimal Winter Safety

It may not have crossed your mind that your car wheel alignment – while a key safety feature at all times of year – becomes more important than ever in the winter but it does.

As wheel alignment specialists we would encourage anyone who hasn’t recently had their car serviced to have their alignment checked at this time of year, to ensure maximum road safety.

What Does Car Wheel Alignment Do?

The correct alignment of your wheels ensures that your car is making correct contact with the surface of the road.

Correctly aligned wheels grip and handle better. You can imagine why this becomes imperative when rain, low temperatures and even ice become factors affecting driving conditions.

If you want your car to handle safely during the winter months, ideally you will have a set of winter tyres fitted but at the very least it would be advisable to visit a wheel alignment specialist like Berry Street Garage to have your handling checked.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Cheap wheel alignments are available even from experienced garages like ours, so please don’t put off this important safety consideration.

When to Seek Cheap Wheel Alignment

If you notice any of the following tell tale signs of incorrect car wheel alignment it is time to visit a wheel alignment specialist .

Your vehicle pulling to one side of the road or the other when you’re trying to drive straight

Uneven tread wear on your tyres. Treat should wear evenly. If part of the tyre is showing signs of wear and others aren’t that means that the pressure is not evenly distributed and is likely due to car wheel alignment

Your steering wheel being off centre or vibrating while driving

Have you noticed any of these symptoms while driving? If you have, that means that you may not have full control of your car at all times.

Driving with incorrect car wheel alignment can be stressful. You may not consciously realise it but the need to fight against your car in this way takes its toll. Try to be aware of changes to your driving – both how the car itself is driving and also how you feel while driving the car.

If something feels off a cheap wheel alignment could be all that is needed to make your driving experience comfortable again.

Visit the wheel alignment specialists at Berry Street Garage and we’ll check your vehicle out for you.