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Pre Christmas Car Servicing Liverpool

Does your car need a service? We know what it’s like – the service light comes on in November but between work, Christmas shopping and everything else on your plate you just allow it to flash at you every journey, instead of getting around to actually booking it into a garage. Sound familiar? Or perhaps you’re the kind of car Continue Reading...
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Preparing Your Car for the Commute on Busy Roads

If you drive you’ll know how much of a luxury this is when it comes to the school/work commute compared to public transport, which is why it’s important to keep your car in immaculate condition to avoid having to take the bus or train. We hate to remind you but the summer holidays are coming to an abrupt end and Continue Reading...
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How To Prevent Your Car Overheating This Summer

With temperatures rising this summer it’s not just you who’ll feel the effects as your vehicle can also suffer the consequences of hot weather. An overheated engine is one of the main causes of car breakdowns and the result of this can mean expensive repair costs and a lot of time off the road. Damage to your engine can be Continue Reading...
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