Cheap MOT Liverpool

It’s often said that you buy cheap then you buy twice but that isn’t the case at Berry St Garage. If you’re on the lookout for a cheap MOT garage in Liverpool then we’re the men for the job. Don’t get ripped off by mainstream and nationwide chains (no names mentioned) come and see the guys at Berry St Garage for a fraction of the price.

A lot of the more well known or “bigger” garages charge astronomical prices because they have huge overheads; we don’t have such concerns at Berry St Garage meaning that we can offer you really great prices and an even better service. We’re a local garage with a local bunch of people born and bred in Liverpool, we speak your lingo; Scouse to be specific! Don’t waste your time visiting nationwide chains that have to hike up prices in order to pay for their vast amounts advertising and massive unit spaces, stay local and save yourself a small fortune.


Why choose Berry St Garage for your cheap MOT Liverpool?

  • We are a local family run business big enough to provide a great service to all of our customers and small enough to offer fantastic prices
  • Other national car garages have significantly higher running costs that they pass on to their customers; meaning significantly higher prices
  • Your MOT will be carried out by an experienced technician up to date with all industry standards
  • If your vehicle happens to fail an MOT we have very competitive prices on all car parts required
  • We have times to suit you and we are around 5 minutes away from the city centre
  • We offer cheap MOT; we do exactly what it says on tin!

Just because you are looking for a cheap MOT provider in Liverpool doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on quality or integrity; Berry St Garage make sure of that. Just because we’re cheaper than the competition does not mean that we provide less of a service; in fact we provide the best service across Liverpool might I add. We’ll provide you with honest advice whether your car has passed it’s MOT or not, whether it needs work immediately or not.


Is there any such thing as a cheap MOT?

Yes, at Berry St Garage this is true. Any car older than 3 years of age will require an MOT and based on age and model of car issues with any vehicle can arise. Certain makes and models of car can have common problems and our team are aware through their vast experience of these. In short and to be blunt the older your car gets the more likely it is to have problems but an experienced team such as Berry St Garage can help to prevent and conquer certain issues with your vehicle. If your car happens to fail an MOT then Berry St Garage will still aim to provide the cheapest prices for you. A cheap MOT Liverpool is possible with us.


Do you want a cheap MOT Liverpool?

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