Car Engine Replacement Liverpool

The best Engine Replacement Garage in Liverpool you could ask for

If you are looking for an engine replacement garage in Liverpool that has over 15 years of experience with engine repair and replacement then you should come to Berry Street Garage.

With our impressive amount of experience and mechanics who are highly trained and skilled we will be able to fit your car with a new engine in next to no time. But, we will also do you one better. Whatever your cars make and model we will track down the perfect engine for you. From new to recommissioned and from petrol to diesel. We will make your car feel brand new.

Now, replacing an engine, it sounds like a big, complicated job, and it is. We aren’t going to beat around the bush on that one. But, it is a lot cheaper than giving up on your car and buying a new one. If we can’t repair your engine, we will

To replace or to repair?

Some problems your engine may come across are:

  • Blown Head Gasket
  • Cracked Head
  • Split Piston

These are all major problems, but problems that can be repaired, yet added together it can be a costly repair at that, even with our prices and we for one know the cheaper the better, and with our competitive prices that’s what you get. Overall you will find that most times it is much cheaper and cost effective for you to just replace the whole engine rather than repair what’s wrong.

Of course, we don’t expect you to make this decision on your own. Our friendly mechanics are always on hand to offer you advice and support in figuring out what is the best and cheapest option for you. We want you to leave us happy and confident in your decision.