How to Pass your MOT

How to pass your MOT: the cheat’s checklist

Often regarded as the bane of every driver’s life (apart from traffic wardens), an MOT is an annual occurrence that most could do without.

However, despite the worry of whether the car will pass its MOT test, an MOT is a crucial part of ensuring safety on the roads for both drivers and passengers alike.

There is a list of things that commonly fail an MOT test at the car garage and surprisingly, these are things that are minor and can be sorted out before your car even gets to the garage.

Don’t fail your MOT because of simple problems that can be solved at home – follow our cheat’s checklist before you get to the garage and be sure that you won’t fail for reasons you could kick yourself for when you arrive back to collect your car.


Check that all of your lights work and get somebody to stand behind the car to check the ones that you can’t see yourself.

Don’t forget your hazards and number plate lamps and if you find any dud bulbs, replace them yourself before your car goes in for the MOT.

Make sure that your hazard lights work, even when the ignition is switched off.

Wiper blades

Make sure that your wiper blades are in good condition – check them thoroughly for splits and cracks, all of which can fail your car on its MOT .

Switch your wipers on and make sure that they go from side to side with ease and don’t catch or drag on the windscreen. If they aren’t quite up to scratch, or running smoothly, you guessed it – replace them yourself.

Mirror, mirror on the… car!

Make sure all of your mirrors are in good condition and aren’t cracked or broken.

Move your wing mirrors around and make sure the mechanism works smoothly – depending on the age of your car, dodgy mirrors can also mean a fail.

Don’t have tired tyres

Check your tread on your tyres, which should be no lower than the legal minimum of 1.6mm. You can buy a tyre and change it yourself if yours aren’t up to scratch, and don’t forget your spare tyre, which is your lifesaver should one of yours ever blow.

Mechanics are stringent with tyres and don’t take any chances – so don’t you! They are one of the most crucial parts of keeping your car safe and you can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to the car equivalent of shoes.

Brake fluid

Remember being asked to check your brakes on your test? If they feel spongy or soft, then your system could need bleeding.  You can do this yourself – but will need the use of a car jack and the confidence to do it.

Spark plugs

Check your spark plugs and make sure that they aren’t worn down. As a rule of thumb, spark plugs last around 100,000 miles, so if you’re tipping over the 100,000 mile mark and haven’t had replacement plugs, get ready to make the change!

Seats and seatbelts

Are your seatbelts in good condition? If they aren’t wrapping around you smoothly, or clicking into place with ease, it’s time to refresh them. You can do this yourself with ease and cut the cost of having them replaced via a garage dramatically by getting hands on with your car.

Beep, beep!

Give your horn a good sound and make sure that it is working well.

Give your car a clean!

A simple clean inside and out and gives the mechanic the impression that you look after your car well – nobody wants to check over a car whilst fishing through rubbish!

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