How To Prevent Your Car Overheating This Summer

With temperatures rising this summer it’s not just you who’ll feel the effects as your vehicle can also suffer the consequences of hot weather. An overheated engine is one of the main causes of car breakdowns and the result of this can mean expensive repair costs and a lot of time off the road.

Damage to your engine can be catastrophic which is why it’s important to prevent your car from getting too hot, particularly in this current heatwave. To prevent breakdowns and costly repair work, take a look at our tips for how to stop a car overheating.

First of all, what are the signs of an overheated engine?

If there is a problem with your engine you will firstly be notified of this via an engine warning light popping up on your dashboard. The temperature gauge which is usually shaped like a thermometer will also reach the red zone which indicates that the engine has reached a hot temperature. Another obvious sign and one which requires immediate attention is smoke coming from the engine. If this happens you should pull over as soon as possible when safe to do so, and call for help.

The usual temperature of an engine should range between 195 to 220 degrees fahrenheit but this can vary between different car models. If the temperature of your engine starts to reach above this level your vehicle might begin showing the signs of an overheated engine.

Smoke coming from the engine is a clear sign that the engine is overheating and it’s often too late by this stage, so it’s important you know how to prevent it getting to this stage.

How to stop a car overheating before it’s too late

Always be prepared and equipped

engine coolant

An engine overheating is often due to engine cooling problems. Coolant is an important part of the engine’s function as it helps to regulate the temperature and dispel heat. An equal mixture of water and antifreeze is needed to prevent engine damage from extreme temperatures at both ends of the thermostat. When travelling in hot weather it’s important to be equipped with extra coolant to top up the levels and cool the engine if needed.

Check warning lights and temperature gauge

Signs of car overheating

It sounds simple and obvious but it’s easy to ignore warning lights and miss the temperature gauge rising when you’re focused on the road. The noticeably hot weather should remind you to check your dashboard regularly and cool off the engine if the thermometer begins to rise.

Release hot air   

Keeping air trapped inside your car will only worsen the problem. Try to leave windows slightly open when you’re in your car to keep a constant flow of fresh air coming in and, hopefully, cooling down your vehicle.

Check for leaks

Overheating is often caused by problems in the coolant system and this problem may be a leak. This will be easy to spot as there will be obvious coolant leakage coming from the car.

How can Berry Street Garage help with an overheated engine?

Prevention is much better than cure so why not bring your car into Berry Street Garage where our expert mechanics can check your levels including coolant and oil during a full or interim car service before disaster strikes. We also offer engine replacement if your car does reach the stage of irreparable damage from overheating. If you need either a car service or engine replacement call our friendly and professional team on 0151 933 8812 to make a booking.