The importance of windscreen chip repair

Why you should never put off car glass repairs

A chip in your windscreen, no matter how tiny, is a pretty big safety hazard. You may not realise it but if you have a tiny chip in the glass of your car then prompt windscreen chip repair could save your life. That sounds a little dramatic doesn’t it? We know but it’s definitely a point worth making because, well, it’s true. Here’s a bit of information about what makes windshield repair so important.


A chip can turn into a crack and a crack can shatter your shield

It’s called a windSHIELD in America for a reason. Your windscreen provides a large proportion of the structural strength of your car. Your airbags won’t work properly without it. It protects you. If you have even the smallest chip in your windscreen it has the potential to crack at any time. When that happens as you are driving down the motorway the force exerted on the weakened glass can make it shatter and we don’t need to tell you how dangerous flying glass can be, especially when you’re driving.

Windscreen chip repair, when needed, should always be made a priority in order to promptly remove any possibility that your screen could crack and break. A windscreen break while driving could cause a serious accident and every day you put off your windshield repair makes it increasingly likely to happen.


Windscreen chip repairs rarely affect your no claims

Having a windscreen chip repaired is a relatively quick and simple job. Often it is covered under your insurance, or can be done for a small fee and most insurance policies allow you to keep your no-claims bonus in tact, even when you claim for car glass repair of this sort.


Car glass repair could be an MOT ‘must’

If you don’t get a windscreen chip repaired and it is in the driver’s line or vision, this will be noted on your MOT and your car could potentially fail the test as a result.

All motoring organisations recognise the importance of prompt windshield repair and, as such, most make it quick and painless for you to rectify a crack in your windscreen, so there really is no reason not to and every reason to keep your windscreen in tact and yourself and your passengers safe.