Car Brakes Liverpool

Liverpools #1 Brakes Centre

If you are thinking about getting your brakes done, then you have come to the right place. Here at Berry Street Garage in Bootle we are the number one brakes centre in Liverpool. Our efficiency and abilities are second to none.

Brakes are the single most important part of your car, well maybe apart from the engine . So getting them checked should be very high on your to do list if not at the top. Even the most experienced and careful drivers can get into accidents, and its then that you need your brakes to work the second you press down on that pedal.

Brakes, you need them, we have them

At Berry Street Garage we put you first, especially when you brakes are the problem, replacing them is as easy as 123. We arent called one of the most established and reliable Car Repair and MOT centres in Liverpool for nothing. It was our amazing service, results and thousands of returning customers each year that got us that title.

When replacing your brakes we use

  • The best up to date equipment
  • Highly skilled mechanics with years of experience
  • And a highly trained eye

All these are important when we work on your car, like cogs in a machine. They work together to get the job done up to a standard you will be talking about for years.

Don’t hesitate, if you think your brakes need looking over, or replacing, give us a call. We are the masters of brakes and are here to serve you. We want you to feel safe in your car, and we guarantee we can accomplish that for you.

Let us work our magic and call us on 0151 933 8812 or pop up to our garage now.