Liverpool car centre debate: are the new proposed MOT rules safe?

At our Liverpool Car Centre we Discuss Whether the New Proposed MOT Rules are Beneficial as they Seem

As a reputable Liverpool MOT centre, at Berry Street Garage it is our duty to stay up to date with new rules surrounding the MOT test, and as professionals, we have years of experience that allows us to offer relevant opinions on legislation that we feel may not be quite in line with motorists best interests.

With Chancellor George Osbourne announcing that he would like to increase the deadline for a new cars first MOT from three years, to four years, our debating heads at this Liverpool MOT garage were well and truly put on.

Whilst many who learn that when they buy a new vehicle, they won’t have to have an MOT carried out for four years will be relieved, when we look beneath the surface, it’s not quite as brilliant as it may first seem.

Many people are slamming the new rule suggestion, and for good reason.

Safety and higher repair costs later down the line seem to be the main points of address on the agenda.

Liverpool MOT centre says “what about safety?”

No MOT in four years may mean no need to visit the garage for four years, but it also means no safety checks in that time, either.

As a Liverpool car centre, we believe that driver and passenger safety is absolutely paramount, with no exceptions, and this rule potentially compromises checking this over for four years.

Simply putting off maintenance costs that cover procedures that are essential in the efficient and safe running of a vehicle not only increases the chance of you losing a lot of cash from your wallet in the future, but it also puts motorists at risk.

When it comes to driving, ignorance is never bliss, and driving around believing that everything is OK if it’s not is dicing with danger. Loads of it.

Having un-roadworthy cars on the road is simply madness, not only for drivers, but for passengers and pedestrians, too, and runs with an air of irresponsibility.

Cars that reach around three years of age start to show the signs of wear and tear and by adding the fourth year rule encourages drivers to put off their MOT for another year, which could cause more hazards on the road.

Things such as tyres and brakes typically need changing before the car is four years old, and in world where everybody seems to be busy, the chances of motorists putting off this check for the extra year is pretty much inevitable, as it’s very much a case of “If I can get away with it for another year, then I will”.

Increased costs further down the line

Whilst drivers are getting away with paying an MOT fee for an extra year, heading the garage the next year could land a much heftier bill in their laps.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Faults that could be easily repaired at the three year stage will eventually wear down to problems that need greater repairs and possibly part replacements, meaning our Liverpool car centre will have to break the bad news to those who have waited longer.

Hardly a fair tradeoff for the sake of an extra year.

One of the scariest things?

According to the RMI, cars that don’t drive further than the average mileage are significantly more likely to be driving with unsafe brakes and tyres after four years than three.

Now that’s definitely not worth 12 month’s grace.

Remember our last post on your MOT check list ? This could become larger should the new rules be passed.

A quick rundown of the plans
  • Cars and motorcycles only – this doesn’t impact on van drivers
  • No date has been given for the rules to take place
  • Consultation of the proposal takes up to 12 weeks
  • If the new MOT rules are put into practice, it won’t be until next year
  • This isn’t mandatory – drivers can still get an MOT from our Liverpool MOT centre whenever they want

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