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Is your MOT up to date?

An MOT isn’t put in place to cause any inconvenience, it’s put in place to ensure you are driving in a vehicle which is safe for the road so it’s best that you keep up to date with your MOT, you can do this by visiting our Liverpool MOT professionals.

You may be wondering why should you get your MOT on time, well there is many reasons behind this and once you know all about them you’ll be checking to see if yours is due soon!

An MOT is something that must be carried out every year providing the car is over 3 years old. If your car has a 10 plate registration then you should be visiting out Liverpool MOT professionals yearly whereas if your registration is a 63 plate then your first MOT is due very soon, September to be precise.

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You’re obviously here because you want to know more about MOT’s , good news for you is that you are in the best place for getting all the expert advice for your car MOT that you need.

So, why should you get your MOT on time? Well reason one being that it’s to make sure you are safe on the road, that your car is safe with no issues.

By getting your MOT on time you can be sure there is nothing wrong with it, you can drive with the peace of mind that your car is healthy and you have a valid MOT certificate.

Your MOT is to make sure your car is working properly and there are no problems, however if there are any problems our Liverpool MOT professionals will find and sort them with ease.

A pretty obvious reason why to get your car MOT on time is the fact that it is the law to do so, if you are driving without an MOT or valid certificate then be prepared to be punished.

Without an MOT there are 2 punishments, ones you’re not going to be happy with, in fact no driver would be happy with them so why bother risking it when you know you can do something to prevent it?

If you don’t get your MOT on time the punishments you will face will be fines and points on your license. The average cost of the fine for this punishment is £1000; do you have this kind of money to pay out?

You can ask yourself now, why should you get your MOT on time?

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Don’t leave your MOT to run past its due date, do you think it’s really worth taking such a big risk? You can get in touch with our Liverpool MOT professionals today and we can have your vehicle booked in in no time.

You don’t need to worry thinking your MOT is going to break the bank, with Berry St Garage it’s not going to cost you a fortune, you can book online and get your MOT for £35!
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