Almost time to MOT and service your 64 plate car

Book your test now at our reliable MOT test centre

All cars legally require an MOT  and service as soon as they are three years old. You don’t receive an automatic reminder when your MOT is due, so it’s important to check your car’s MOT due date, make a note of it and ensure that you comply with this legal obligation.

If your car has a ’64’ number plate, your first MOT is due in September 2017.

Why opt for an MOT and Service

You are not legally required to have your car serviced, so nobody is going to chase you down if you book into an MOT test centre for the test alone.

That said, it is extremely advisable to have your car serviced at regular intervals – most new cars will send you a message via the instrument panel when they are due.

If you can schedule your MOT and service together it is a good idea because there are deals to be had, so you could save some money, plus it’s a great way to remind yourself to do both!

Your MOT and service go hand in hand for another reason too. Most relatively new cars should pass their first MOT without major issue (more on that in a moment) but that won’t continue to be the case year on year if you neglect to have it regularly serviced.

New cars run pretty quietly and smoothly. They don’t always give a whole lot of warning before something major wears out or otherwise goes wrong in some way.

That means that the onus is on you to make sure that all is good under the hood. If you book your car in for a service we’ll check things out for you.

There is, of course, an argument for having your MOT and service carried out at different times.

If you’ve found us while looking for an MOT test centre to bring your 64 plate car in September, you might want to consider having your car serviced now, to get a clear picture now of whether there is anything that needs fixing in order to help it pass its MOT.

Advice from an MOT test centre

If your car is due for its first MOT and service you might be a little worried about whether or not it’s going to pass the test. Don’t panic. As we said above, most fairly new cars pass with few problems – there has been a lot less wear and tear on their parts than on that of older cars. There are still things you can do in advance of the test to give your vehicle the best chance.

Check your car is MOT ready by making sure that all of your lights are working. It’s also a good idea to check the tread on your tyres . If you drive a lot, or if you have been driving on a tyre that was not fully inflated, then the tread may have worn and your car would fail its MOT on this.

Of course, even if it does fail, we will take good care of you here at Berry Street and offer you the best possible prices on all repairs, so there is still no need to panic!

Is your car in need of an MOT and service? If so contact us to book with the cheapest, most reliable garage around.