Car Repair MOT Litherland

You need this Litherland MOT

Don’t go any further than you have to, if you need an MOT in Litherland, look no farther than Berry Street Garage in Bootle.

As one of Liverpool’s most established and reliable Car Repair and MOT companies you cannot go wrong, especially with the team of skilled and highly experienced mechanics, all specialising in something you need.

At only 2 miles between you and one of the best MOT’s you have had, the journey to us is definitely worth the 65p in fuel.

With so much on offer, at great prices, from engine replacement to emission repair , we cover all you and your cars needs. We know that everyone is different and we accommodate to you and your needs, we make you our top priority.

Still, with all this, we cannot help but offer you more.

Affordable Car Repair in Litherland

At the low price of £15 we come to you. We will pick up your car, from your home, or business and everywhere in between. We sign for it, making sure you know everything thats going to happen, you will be totally aware, no hidden costs. Then we take it back to out Bootle Garage, service it as per your needs and if we find anything extra that needs doing, we will inform you first so there are no unexpected costs at the end.

Once we have completed everything we need to on your car, we arrange with you a time, day and place where we deliver your car back to you, and we all know not everything always goes to plan, so if you need to rearrange, we will. At no extra cost to you. Its that simple.

When we are finished, you will want to come back to us for years to come, that we can guarantee.