Car Repair MOT Seaforth

The Seaforth MOT that’s worth the drive

A Seaforth MOT is at your fingertips.Just pop down to Berry Street Garage in Bootle now and get the car service your car deserves.

Only 2 miles stand between you and one of Liverpool’s most established and reliable MOT and Car Repair centres, that’s only about 63p in fuel.

With a team of skilled mechanics on standby to tend to your needs, with a mixture of experience and modern technology we will get you car repaired in no time, and even the cost will leave you smiling.

Specialising in a variety of services, from air con recharge to diesel specialists, we are bound to have a service that you need. We accommodate to you and keep you fully informed, there are no hidden costs to worry about, everything is upfront for you to see. You are our top priority, maybe second to your car.

Seaforth Car Repair has never been better!

But wait, theres more. We also know, that not everyone has the time of day to get their car serviced or get an MOT. So we take away that stress.

We will come to you. Pick up your car. Service it. Then bring it back. All for the low price of £15.

Sound too good to be true? Well it isn’t. Wherever you are, home, work or anywhere in between, we will come retrieve your car, then take it back to our Bootle Garage, and service it. If we find anything extra that needs attending to, we will give you a call, keep you up to take, so there are no unexpected charges at the end.

Once we are finished, we will arrange a time to bring back the car to you, wherever that may be. And if for some reason you cannot be there, we rearrange, at no extra cost. It really is that easy.

Don’t hesitate, give us a call to find out more.