Car Repair MOT Walton Vale

The Walton Vale MOT you NEED!

Berry Street Garage in Bootle is the place to be for your Walton Vale MOT.

Come down and see our highly skilled mechanics at work at one of Liverpools most established Car Repair and MOT centres. Using a variety of experience, skill and up to date technology we can give you one of the best MOT’s at the best prices. You don’t get that title, for giving bad service.

So drive that 2.4 miles to come see us, thats about 56p worth of fuel. And we can service your car giving you incredible results you will be bragging about.

From engine replacement to van hire , we cover it all, giving you the options you need when choosing your MOT centre. If you don’t decide on us, you are definitely missing out on something great.

Car Repair Service in Walton Vale that can’t be beaten

Our services don’t just stay within our garage.

We know that making time for car repair or an MOT can seem like an impossible task. So we have made it easy.

For just £15 you can get us to come to you, pick up your car, whether it be our home or work, we sign for it and ensure you are aware of everything we are going to be doing. Then we take it back to our Bootle Garage, service as per the agreement and if in the unfortunate event we find other work needed on your car, we call you up. There will be no hidden or unexpected costs hitting you at the end.

Once we are all done, we arrange with you a time and location for us to bring your car back. We are completely flexible and if you need to rearrange, you can, at no extra cost.

You are our top priority and we work hard to accommodate you. Give us a call to see what else we can do for you.