The best choice for an MOT garage in Liverpool

Is your vehicle a 63 plate registration?

Do you have a car which is a 63 plate registration? Do you know that your first MOT is due? If you didn’t it’s a good thing we are here to remind you but not just this, we can also take care of your MOT for you as we are the #1 MOT garage in Liverpool.

If it is your first car MOT then you might have a slight worry, especially if you are a new driver and it’s your first ever MOT experience.

Let us relieve you of that concern, there is nothing for you to be worried about, our Liverpool MOT centre has cars in every day which we will take care of and provide MOT certificates to.

If you believe your car is in good condition and haven’t had any issues or faults with it then the likelihood is that your car will pass with flying colours however don’t think because you believe it’s fine that you can leave seeing a MOT garage in Liverpool until a problem occurs.

Getting your MOT on time is crucial, the main reason behind this is because it’s the law so if you’re driving around in a vehicle that hasn’t got an up to date MOT certificate you could find yourself getting fined and having points put on your license.

You can leave it to the expert mechanics at Berry St Garage for your first car MOT, we will do a thorough inspection, assessing all areas of your vehicle making sure you are driving safely on the roads, we’ve got years of experience and more than affordable prices; our MOT’s cost only £35!

Choosing Berry St for your MOT garage in Liverpool

When it comes to choosing an MOT garage in Liverpool for your first car MOT you want a garage you can trust and rely on, not one that is going to cut corners and charge you astronomical prices.

Berry St Garage really is the best Liverpool MOT centre, we won’t leave you waiting round for hours on end, we’ll get your car in and out as quickly as possible ensuring there are no issues whatsoever.

All you 63 plate drivers shouldn’t be holding off getting your MOT, you should get booking in with us today, what’s the worst that could happen, we pass your car or we resolve any problems we come across!?

Like we previously said if you put your MOT off and don’t get it in time you’ll be breaking the law, however this isn’t the only negative that comes with not getting your MOT at the right time.

You might think your vehicle is OK but are you a trained and qualified mechanic? Do you actually know if everything under the bonnet and car itself is OK? Exactly you don’t.

Just because you think everything is fine doesn’t always mean it is, this is why if you bring your car to the the best MOT garage in Liverpool; Berry St Garage, then we can ensure there are no problems or find any issues and resolve them.

What if there is something wrong with your vehicle and you keep driving around not knowing there is something wrong? Chances are you’re either going to cause a lot more damage or get caught in a collision on the road.

Come on you 63’ers, it’s your time

With the 66 plate registration around the corner now is the time to give our specialist MOT garage in Liverpool a call to get your vehicle booked in for it’s first car MOT.

Our mechanics are ready and waiting, we’ll speak to you soon when you give us a call on 0151 933 8812.