MOT Garage Liverpool

We’ve all heard the tales and anecdotes of MOT garages and they’re particularly peculiar employees; you know the type! We know the type as well and that’s why at Liverpool Car Body we’re so different from all the other garages in Liverpool. Just because you may see us covered in oil with our overalls on doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive excellent customer service and a smile; yes we’re happy to be covered in muck and oil!


What is an MOT and what’s involved?

  • An MOT is an annual safety test that ensures your car meets the minimum levels safety standards and exhaust emissions.
  • The standards set for safety are carried out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
  • The MOT will be carried out by expert accredited by the Driver and vehicle Standards Agency
  • The vehicle will undergo an exhaustive series of checks and inspection which will include the exterior, interior, the base of the vehicle and bonnet.
  • An MOT ensures that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition, however, the general mechanical condition of the vehicle is not checked comprehensively.
  • Each check is recorded and logged.

Providing that everything is ok with your car Liverpool Car Body will provide you with a pass certificate. However, we will provide you with an advisory list of any items that despite having passed the test will require attention in the near future such as tyres. If your vehicle has failed the MOT then we will advise you on how to get your car back to roadworthy condition; of course offering you the most competitive prices in Liverpool.


Does my car need an MOT?

Any car over the age of 3 years old or more requires an MOT test certificate and they need to renewed every year so don’t forget! Your car is your responsibility and you can find the current expiry date of your MOT on the existing MOT test certificate. It’s a good idea not to wait until the final week of expiration and you can book your car in up to 28 days in advance; don’t worry you won’t lose any days for booking your car in early as the next 12 months will still run from the current expiration date. If you don’t have a valid MOT certificate and you continue to drive your car then unfortunately you’ll be breaking the law and you could run the risk of a fine; don’t get caught out! Also, being on the road carries with it a risk of accidents whether it’s fault of you or a dosy driver any insurance claim could be affected if you don’t have an upto date MOT.


Why would you want Liverpool Car Body to sort your MOT?

  • We’re really experienced
  • We have fantastic prices
  • We provide honest advice
  • You can trust us


Is your MOT due soon?

Don’t run the risk of a fine or even points from balding tyres, let Liverpool Car Body be judge of your vehicle. Case closed.

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