Does your nearly new car need an MOT?

Get your 64 plate vehicle MOT in Liverpool

Most people know that you don’t need to get a new car MOT. The MOT checks the roadworthiness of your vehicle and it’s assumed that brand new cars will remain roadworthy for at least a few years.

However, as soon as your car reaches three years old it will need its first MOT. Liverpool motorists can benefit from great service at the cheapest Liverpool MOT garage , Berry Street.

A new car MOT reminder

If your car is a 64 plate, you’ve now had three years where you didn’t have to give a second thought to visiting a Liverpool MOT garage BUT that period ended in September, when the new 67 plates came out.

If you haven’t already had your 64 plate vehicle MOT’d then you must do so as a matter or urgency, in order to be road legal.

When you car is outside of its legal MOT period it can only be legally driven if you are on your way to the MOT test centre.

So, if it is time for your nearly new car’s MOT then give us a call right away. We’ll book you in for as soon as we can.

The good thing about your new car’s first MOT is that there is a good chance that it will pass with flying colours.

MOT’s don’t have to be costly or time consuming. We’ll make the whole process as painless for you as possible.

The cheapest independent Liverpool MOT garage

If you need an MOT in Liverpool then it is worth taking a few things into consideration when choosing the garage. Price, of course, is likely to be a large factor; nobody likes paying over the odds for something.

However, the face value price of the test is not the only thing you should take into consideration. Some large chain garages charge a very low fee for the test itself but make their money by charging a premium for repairs .

You don’t want to find that your car has failed its MOT needs repair work, only to discover that the garage who charged you £30 for the test now wants to charge you twice as much as your local garage for the repair needed to pass that test!

At Berry Street Garage we keep all of our prices fair. An MOT is just £35. If it’s a new car MOT then the chances are that you’ll pay your £35 then drive away a few hours after dropping the vehicle off.

If it does need any work however, we’ll quote you a fair price for that too. We’re a local, independent garage run by and for Liverpool motorists. When you need an MOT, you can trust us.