Pre Christmas Car Servicing Liverpool

Does your car need a service? We know what it’s like – the service light comes on in November but between work, Christmas shopping and everything else on your plate you just allow it to flash at you every journey, instead of getting around to actually booking it into a garage. Sound familiar? Or perhaps you’re the kind of car owner who is incredibly fastidious about your servicing and simply know that you have one coming due very soon. Either way, we have limited availability left for car servicing Liverpool before Christmas, so we urge you not to put it off until after the holidays. Book your car in now and be confident that it will carry you everywhere you need to go this festive season.

Car servicing is even more important in winter

Particularly if you fall into the category of people who has put off having their car serviced for longer than you’d like to admit, make this week the week that you rectify that and book it in with us here at Berry Street Garage.

With more hours of darkness, inclement weather and, of course, more cars on the road as a result, it’s more important than ever that your car is ship shape in the winter. Frost and surface water can add up to dangerous conditions for a car that is not fully prepared for them, regardless of how good the driver of the vehicle is. If your car needs servicing there is no two ways about it, your car needs servicing. Liverpool motorists can get theirs booked in and taken care of quickly and conveniently at Berry Street Garage. We’re based within an easy drive of Liverpool city centre, close to public transport, in case you want to leave your car with us and get on with your day, and nearby various amenities.

Why keep up with your car servicing Liverpool?

If your car is running well you may question whether or not you need to bother paying for a service at all, let alone in the lead up to Christmas. We understand that feeling but we also know that having your car regularly serviced is more important than many people think.

On a purely surface level, maintaining your car’s service history helps it to maintain its value. A car with only a partial service history, or no services at all, will sell for less than a comparable car where the driver can prove that they have looked after it, when the time comes.

More than this though, having your car checked regularly is important for your safety, the safety of your passengers and the safety of other road users. Modern cars rarely make loud noises when things are beginning to go wrong, in the way that cars did years ago. That means that the first you know about a problem could be when it becomes a big problem – when a part of the car fails completely, in potentially dangerous circumstances. Some aspects are checked yearly as part of the car’s MOT but not as many as you might assume. Combining your MOT with your service can be a great idea, as the legal requirement will remind you to book the service as well. However, if you drive so much that you need services more regularly than once a year, or if you need a service now don’t put it off. Get in touch.

A full service is just £120 at Berry Street Garage and if you call now we might be able to fit you in before Christmas.