How Can Regular Car Servicing Help Your Insurance?

Regular car servicing is different than MOTs. An MOT checks that your car is legally able to be on the road while servicing checks that your car is running properly and gives you the chance to address any issues found by the mechanics. Regular car servicing ensures that your car is healthy, and when you show your insurance company that your car is regularly looked after you’ll usually see reductions in your insurance premiums.

Regular car servicing can improve your car as well as your insurance

When your car is running well and you can prove it’s in good condition, you’re automatically seen as a more reliable driver. Having your car serviced regularly also means that you’ll be able to ensure that it’s in the best condition for the road. Best practice generally involves having your car serviced as soon as the dashboard light appears – no matter how recently you last visited a garage.

If you don’t have your car serviced regularly you could face major issues in the future, especially since with major changes to cars in recent years it can sometimes be difficult to identify issues with your car quickly. For many older cars you shouldn’t wait longer than every six months to have your car serviced, whereas more modern vehicles can generally last 30,000 kilometres before their next service.

As well as helping your insurance, having regular car servicing can also:

  1. Save you money
  2. Provide you with services you couldn’t do yourself
  3. Keep you safe from sudden breakdowns

As well as ensuring that your initial insurance purchase is lower with a healthy car, you’ll also be able to guarantee a good outcome if you have an accident. In the event where your car is damaged through an accident you’re more likely to be affected positively if you have regular servicing that can prove your car was in good working condition before the accident.

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For regular car servicing, choose Berry Street Garage

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