Choosing The Best Replacement Car Tyres

We all have to replace our tyres at some point due to uneven or worn tyre tread, over or under inflation, punctures, cuts and bulges or other damage as tyres don’t last forever but you can get the most out of your tyres if you choose the right ones. Choosing the size and brand of your replacement tyres all depends on your type of vehicle and driving style.

You also need to think about your budget and the season you’ll be driving in as winter tyres are often made differently to summer tyres to provide more grip on icy roads. Here at Berry Street Garage we’re all about giving our customers value for money and finding the best products to suit them, which is why we’re giving you a guide to the best replacement tyres Bootle has to offer.

Choosing the correct tyre size

tyre markings

It’s important that you get the correct tyre size for your particular vehicle which you can find in your vehicle’s handbook or on the sidewall of your existing tyres. However, reading these measurements can be complicated for the non expert which is why we’re here to simplify them.

Here is what each measurement represents:

  • ‘205’ represents the tyre width in millimeters.
  • ‘60’ is the tyre profile (a percentage of the tyre width).
  • ‘R’ signifies that it is a radial construction.
  • ‘16’ is the wheel rim diameter in inches.
  • ‘92’ is the tyre load index, it represents how much weight the tyre can take.
  • ‘H’ represents the speed rating, how much speed the tyre can handle.

Once you have your tyre size and understand it, you can focus on finding the quality tyres that suit your budget.

Budget, mid-range, premium tyres

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No matter your budget you can guarantee that all tyres meet strict safety guidelines. However, the price range will affect the longevity of your tyres and driving quality.

Budget: Budget tyres are the most affordable options but as with anything you get what you pay for. Budget tyres meet all safety standards but only meet the minimum requirement when it comes to quality. Budget tyres are often made by lesser known brands and are made with less quality materials. However, for driving short distances on city roads  budget tyres could be the best option for you. If you’re more concerned with cost over driving performance then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for budget tyre, just don’t expect them go above and beyond in terms of performance and longevity.

Mid-range: Mid-range tyres can be good value for money as more technology has been invested in these tyres than the cheaper alternatives as they’re often manufactured by premium brands. Although the technology is not as advanced as premium brands, you can guarantee greater performance and durability than budget tyres.

Premium: Premium tyres on the other hand have a lot more investment in them, in terms of the money you pay for them and the design, testing and technology that goes into them. Premium tyres allow for higher speed driving at longer distances as they’re a lot more hardwearing and durable. Although you will be investing more money in premium tyres, a lot more technology and engineering has gone into making them durable, safe and long lasting so you won’t be shelling out for tyres for a long time to come if you opt for the premium range.

Seasonal Tyres

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Choosing the best tyres also depends on the season. Winter tyres need to be made differently to summer tyres for more grip during icy weather. The rubber compounds of winter tyres are much softer to withstand temperatures below 7°C whereas summer tyres harden quite quickly and so are ideal for temperatures above 7°C.

Summer and winter tyres have different tread depths and the grooves on winter tyres are wider and deeper for a better grip on icy and wet roads. Although it’s not compulsory in the UK to have different tyres for the changing seasons, it is wise to change your tyres according to the road conditions for safety and performance.

Berry Street Garage Replacement Tyres Bootle

There are so many tyre options to choose from but now that you know what these options are and what to look for it should be easier to choose replacement tyres that give your vehicle longevity, durability and better quality performance. Here at Berry Street Garage we have many tyre brands available that are great quality at amazing prices. Our replacement tyre service in Bootle aims to have your new tyres fitted in just 20 minutes! Call 0151 933 8812 today to book in your vehicle for tyre replacement .