Road Safety Week 2018

19-25 November 2018 marks Road Safety Week, a national road safety campaign which aims to promote the safe use of the UK’s roads and inspire organisations and communities to proactively reduce the amount of deaths caused by road traffic accidents by spreading the message and boosting awareness. This is a topic that matters a lot to us here at Berry Street Garage so we’ve put together a few tips to keep safe on the road for motorists and pedestrians.

What does Road Safety Week involve?


Road Safety Week 2018

Road Safety Week was founded by the charity, Brake , which works with communities and organisations to make our roads safer and prevent road deaths and injuries. Road Safety Week is about raising awareness of the need for our roads to be safer and encourages all schools, organisations and communities to get involved and raise awareness by hosting events and activities to spread this road safety message.

Each year Road Safety Week has a theme, and this year the theme is ‘Bike Smart’. Road Safety Week states that ‘more than a third of people killed or seriously injured on UK roads are those travelling by bike’ which puts cyclists and motorcyclists at the most risk when it comes to road accidents.

'Bike Smart' Road Safety Week


How to stay safe on the road


driving safety tips

There are many ways we can all keep ourselves and others safe on the road. Motorists and cyclists in particular have a duty to ensure that their vehicle is in a road worthy condition and follows all legal requirements. This includes having a compulsory MOT test carried out every year to ensure that the vehicle meets legal standards. During the MOT test the essential safety components of the vehicle are inspected. It is illegal to drive a vehicle without a valid MOT as this is put in place to ensure that all vehicles on our roads are in a safe condition.

Regular servicing and checks of your vehicle will ensure that your vehicle is not only running smoothly, but is also less likely to breakdown or fail, for instance failing to stop in an emergency situation. A regular car service by the mechanics at Berry Street Garage will ensure that all of your fluid levels are topped up, and that the major parts of your vehicle are all in working order.

As a motorist following road safety you should also:

  • Not drink/take drugs and drive
  • Not use your mobile phone whilst driving
  • Always stick to the speed limits
  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • Concentrate on the road and avoid distractions

Being a law abiding motorist is the best way to stay safe on the road and prevent accidents.


Pedestrian safety tips

As a pedestrian you also have a duty to keep yourself and others safe on the road as acting irresponsible can also lead to road accidents. Always be vigilant when using the road as a pedestrian, and as we’re taught from a young age, always look left and right. Pedestrian crossings help us to cross the roads safely, however, don’t always assume that vehicles will stop when they’re supposed to. Use the crossings and your judgement of the road in front of you to make a decision when the safest time is to step out.

Being aware of your surroundings is just as important being a pedestrian as it is a motorist so always be vigilant and responsible.

For more information on staying safe on the road visit and use Road Safety Week as a prompt to have your vehicle serviced and MOT tested at Berry Street Garage.