Time to swap to summer car tyres or all weather tyres

Berry St Garage has a varied range

If you swapped to winter tyres at the end of last year then now is the time to think about changing back to your spring/summer car tyres, or to invest in the best all-season tyres you are able to.

Winter tyres are a fantastic idea and they will keep you safer throughout the cold, wet months than those designed for warmer periods but, if you do decide that you want to change your tyres seasonally – perhaps because you live in the countryside where the snow comes down more thickly, or where fewer cars mean more treacherous winter driving conditions – then summer car tyres are as important as winter ones and you definitely shouldn’t leave it any later than this time of year to have them fitted.

Should I opt for winter and summer car tyre changes?

If you live in the city, or if you are able to simply take a few days off driving when the weather gets bad during the cold season then perhaps you can manage without winter tyres, which means that you don’t then need specific summer tyres.

If this sounds like you then our suggestion would be to invest in the best all season tyres you can afford – something that we would be happy to advise you on – and to stick with them, ensuring that you have your car serviced regularly to make sure that it is the best working order and that your tyres remain in good condition.

However, if you have to drive every day, whatever the weather, or if you live somewhere rural where roads perhaps aren’t gritted and where weather affects driving conditions more fully, then changing between winter tyres and summer ca tyres could keep you safer by ensuring optimum handling.

Of course, the only people with winter tyres on their minds right now are those people still driving around on them.

Those tyres were designed for optimal handling in temperatures much lower than we’ll experience for the next few seasons, so if you haven’t yet swapped back to your summer tyres or a good set of all weather tyres then please do so right away, for your safety.

What are the best all weather tyres?

The best all weather tyres for you will be different from those that suit the next person and the next car.

Your vehicle, your needs and your budget are all worthy considerations.

If you think a change of tyres is in order for your car the best thing to do is come and see us to discuss these things.