The Most Iconic Cars in History that We Would Love to give Car Body Repairs in Liverpool!

As we do Car Body Repairs in Liverpool We asked our Team – What Iconic Cars would you like to see at Berry Street?  

When it comes to car body repairs in Liverpool, we’ve seen them all, and we don’t just mean the lumps and bumps that we have to smooth out – we mean the cars that roll through our doors in all shapes and sizes, too!

Offering car servicing in Liverpool , Berry Street Garage is a Liverpool service centre that has a genuine love, passion and enjoyment for every single vehicle that we get through the door. But what are our ultimate favorites of all time?

Iconic is the word and here’s our 411 on what we think the most iconic cars in history are… we love a Mondeo, but unfortunately, it didn’t make the list!

Favorite cars from this Liverpool Service Centre

1)   Porsche 911

Quite possibly the most famous sports car ever made; all that have been made since still don’t manage to quite meet the mark that the Porsche 911 left.

Featuring a smooth, slick body shape with the engine in the back of the car, which so shouldn’t work, but just does, it is easily the most recognizable sports car in the world.

We challenge anybody to look at a Porsche 911 and not recognize the car instantly. Imagine us getting this in for car body repairs in Liverpool? It’d be so sad parting ways!

Berry Street rating: 10/10

2)  Classic Volkswagen Beetle

Over the years at the garage, we have had quite a few variations of the Beetle come through our doors, but we aren’t as fond of them all as we are the original – the Type 1 VW Beetle .

Designed to be a car for the people that was mass produced in order to ensure affordability for drivers, which combined cheap running and maintenance costs, this bug shaped car has a humorous look about it that is beyond quirky.

Some call it unattractive, but we think that’s sly – we call it boss!

Berry Street rating: 8/10

3)  Classic Mini

The epitome of small yet perfectly formed, the Mini Cooper is one of the most quintessentially British motors ever, and will forever be associated with the UK – and what a snappy little car to sum us Brits up!

The thing about the Mini is that it really is fun little car; whilst it was originally made to fill a gap in the market for small cars when bigger cars were just too expensive to run, the Mini gained momentum as an absolute idic that couldn’t be forgotten.

We have had a few minis into our Liverpool service centre and we have to admit, our heart is with the earlier models.

Plus, it’s in one of our favorite films ever – Facebook us and tell us what that is…

Clue: “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

Berry Street rating: 8/10

4)   Aston Martin DB5

With more id than anything idy you can think of right now, the Aston Martin is THE James Bond car that acted as the vehicle for some of our very own home-grown lads: George Harrison and Paul McCartney.

The lads from Liverpool didn’t do too badly, and you know you’ve made it when you’re whizzing around in one of these babies.

Imagine how boss they looked just driving down Scottie Road…

A gorgeous car that has everything from wood interior, sleek lines and a genuine sexiness about it that yes, is a little weird for a car – it’s the bee all and end all in engineering and design, and quite possibly the holy grail of idic cars.

Originally made in 1963, it was designed to be nothing but luxurious, and it delivered no end.

Berry Street rating: 10/10 – we’d give it 11 if it was a real rating out of ten!