New & Used Tyres

Getting Tyres in Liverpool, Easy as pie

Tyre replacement. Yet another thing we at Berry Street Garage are the best at. We say that a lot, but with thousands of returning customers a year, our results don’t lie. Look no further for your reputable tyre centre in Liverpool, we can handle all your tyre needs. Anything tyre related we can do, from wheel alignment to wheel balancing and everything in between, we are your go to garage.

Just like our highly skilled and experience mechanics do, our tyres go that extra mile, which is exactly what you want. Tyres that will last. With us, you know you are going to get:

  • Amazing prices
  • Amazing quality
  • Amazing service

Our tyre centre in Liverpool offers great value for every customer along with top quality service and results, as well as all that at amazingly low costs on new and used tyres which are all in exemplary condition.

So how many tyres can I sign you up for?

A Tyre Centre in Liverpool, giving you exactly what you need

Don’t fret, our aim isn’t to sell you as many tyres as we can. Our aim is to fit you out with what you need, whether thats one type or more. We give you exactly what you need, no more, no less. No trying to get you to buy a new set of tyres plus 30 spares.

We aim for our mechanics to fit your tyres in just 20 minutes. Yeah, thats right. You could be in and out in your lunch break. No panicking because you have to take time off work, just pop down during, when you are actually allowed to leave work (and still get paid, but we won’t tell).

There is no sales pitch that we know you won’t listen to anyway, just a plain and simple transaction that will keep you smiling, and not scare you away with ridiculous and unnecessary technical talk.

Call now to have your car handled by experts and give it the TLC is always deserves.