Upcoming Changes To MOT Tests

The MOT test as we know it is changing very soon. As soon as 20th May 2018 you will see changes to the way your MOT will be carried out as new fault categories and strict rules for diesel cars are introduced. If your MOT test is due soon these changes will affect you, so be sure to read on to be clued up on all the latest changes and what they’ll mean for the result of your MOT tests.

New Defect Categories

The new defect categories will be split into minor, major, and dangerous. If your car has minor defects you may pass the MOT test, although these defects will be recorded on your MOT certificate and you will be advised to have these faults repaired.

However, if your car falls into the major or dangerous categories this is an automatic MOT test failure. These categories will be applied to all vehicles and have been introduced to improve the safety of our roads. These stricter rules will ensure that any vehicles that are idified as having major or dangerous faults do not make it back onto the road which will protect drivers and pedestrians. It is illegal to drive a vehicle that is not in a roadworthy and safe condition.

What Do These Changes Mean For Diesel Drivers?

Diesel cars have been found to be the most harmful due to the toxic pollutants they release into the environment. Tighter guidelines have now been introduced when MOT testing diesel cars, particularly testing the emissions. The limits for vehicle exhaust emissions testing has been lowered for diesel cars to reduce the amount of pollution released from diesel cars into the environment.  

mot test diesel changes

Other Changes To MOT Testing

There will also be changes to the testing of certain parts of a vehicle which are deemed to be potential causes of car accidents such as brakes, steering and lights. Each of these areas have been addressed in the MOT changes and will now have additional checks.  

MOT Tests at Berry Street Garage

Here at Berry Street Garage all of our mechanics are up to date on all of the latest MOT changes and this will be reflected in our testing. We want to make transferring from old MOT testing to the new changes as smooth as possible and we always aim to get your vehicle back on the road in as little time as possible. Our MOT tests cost as little as £35 and you can book yours today by calling us on 0151 933 8812.