Wheel Alignment Centre in Liverpool

Wheel Alignment in Liverpool, more important than you think

Are you feeling like you aren’t in control of your car, more like its controlling you? Maybe you feel kind of off balance. Well no, it isn’t the roads of Liverpool, no matter how bad they may seem, its very likely that your wheel alignment could be off.

If this is the case, come down to Berry Street Garage, as one of Liverpools most established and reliable MOT and Car Repair Centres, we can help. We didn’t get the title over night, we got it though hard work and amazing service and prices. Just ask our thousands of returning customers every year. Our service is pretty hard to beat.

Align now, Save later

If your wheels are a little skew, then it is vital you get to a Liverpool wheel alignment centre immediately. You wouldn’t think that how your wheels are aligned would be so important, just having wheels on your car should be enough right? Wrong.

What does wheel alignment actually do:

  • It allows you to control your car
  • Reduces tire wear
  • Ensures when driving you car travels straight
  • Makes sure you car doesn’t pull to one side

With our garage sporting the best a highest quality modern equipment, which is then controlled by our highly skilled mechanics, who have years of experience to add to the mix. We can use this and our trained eye to diagnose any problems your car may have.

If you notice that you car is doing anything from above, from lack of control to unusual tire wear, you should come in. It isn’t the worth taking the risk, not only will it make you less of a risk on the road, but will save you a bundle in the long run. A win/win situation.