When you’re Good to your Clutch – Your Clutch will be Good to you! What to do to Hold off on Clutch Replacement in Liverpool

All the tips you need to avoid having to get a Clutch Replacement in Liverpool

As a garage that offers clutch replacement in Liverpool, we can tell you now, it is one of the repairs that we carry out most often.

Easily one of the most important components of a car, without the clutch, a car just simply wouldn’t function.

What are the signs of the clutch wearing down and how to prevent my car from needing clutch repair in Liverpool ?

Most of our customers come into our garage for clutch repair in Liverpool on the back of an MOT – the change in a worn down clutch tends to happen gradually, meaning drivers sometimes miss the transition and only when the problem is pointed out, do they realize.

However, recognizing the wear and tear on your clutch is really important as this is a potentially dangerous problem, so drivers must make sure that they stay alert for the slip!

  • Get to a hill

Push your car to a reasonable speed of 35-40 and take it up to the next gear, with your accelerator pedal pushed to the floor. If the rev count jumps suddenly and you’re not actually accelerating in sync, then it is possible that your clutch system is damaged.

  • Feel for the judder

No, we don’t mean the Metz advert from the 90’s (major points if you remember the Judder-man) – we mean the judder of your motor.

If you change gears and feel a judder, with the gears not changing smoothly, this is another marker for a poorly clutch.

After specializing in clutch repair in Liverpool, we can tell you that this one of the biggest giveaways of a bad clutch.

  • Clear your ears

Noise is one of the biggest indicators of a dodgy clutch, so if you have your suspicions, do a few journeys without listening to Radio City on full blast and instead, listen to your car.

Can you hear whining and crunching? No husband and wife jokes… we crack the funnies…

If you can, this is another giveaway that your clutch is giving up on you.

Dayrider for one please, driver! Just kidding…our clutch repair in Liverpool has got you covered.

How does the clutch work and what does it do?

Half you pedal pushers out there haven’t even got a clue what the clutch does – well let us enlighten you!

The clutch disengages the engine power and allows you to change gears; it connects two moving shafts that moving separately and at different speeds in order to disengage the engine power without stalling the car.

Well, depending on how good of a driver you are!

When used properly, you can smoothly work your way through the gears and drive off with ease, taking the engine power up at steady intervals that matches the speed that you are going.

By being responsible, you won’t have to head into our clutch centre in Liverpool prematurely and book in your for your clutch replacement!

As much as we love our customers, we do like to promote good maintenance of cars in order to reduce the number of visits that we get. When it comes to the clutch, the following methods are great ways of looking after it, putting that dayrider on the back burner for a little bit longer…

Preserving your clutch

  • Take your foot off the clutch when it’s not needed

Dead obvious really, isn’t it? By not using the clutch when you don’t need it, you could be adding years to its little clutch life. It’s dead easy to have your clutch pushed slightly when waiting around, but don’t fall into the trap – get your foot flat on the floor!

  • Don’t ride the clutch!

Not only is this dangerous, but riding the clutch when you’re not even moving will shave time off the relationship that you have with your clutch! The heat that builds up when you do this will burn the clutch out much, much faster than using it properly would.

Your clutch will end up doing about 50 odd thousand miles pressure wise, instead of the 10,000 that it’s actually done.

Sitting at the lights? Sound – you don’t need to have your foot on the clutch – break the habit or you’re heading for the bus, bud!

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