It’s Time to Consider Winter Car Safety

At this time of year it’s important to begin considering how ready your car is for the winter weather. If you have a relatively new vehicle, some of these points may be redundant but not many! There are precautions that all of us should take if we’re using the road during the winter months. Here is a list of what we consider to be the most important winter car safety checks.

Important winter car safety checks

Top up oil, water and antifreeze

If you’re due a car service , don’t put it off at this time of year. A service comes with an oil change and that could be particularly useful as we enter the cold season. Oil can thicken as the weather gets colder, so when we top up we can make sure that it is the ideal oil for your vehicle and the time of year – an important aspect of winter car safety.

Making sure that your radiator has the right balance of water and antifreeze is also important to winter car safety. With too little antifreeze, it could freeze up when the temperatures really drop. A balance of 50/50 is optimal at this time of year. If you don’t maintain this balance all the time, definitely consider checking and topping up now.

Consider switching to winter tyres

Not everybody needs to change their tyres for the winter. If you drive only a few miles and generally stick to built up areas then you may be perfectly fine with all weather tyres, even throughout the winter. However, if you live in a rural area or do a lot of driving, it’s important to make sure that your tyres are up to the rigours of cold weather conditions.

Winter tyres are always important for winter car safety, so if in doubt come and see us. We can replace your tyres for you if you would like to be certain.

Check tyre pressure

Even if you decide not to make the switch to winter tyres, be sure to check your tyre pressure regularly. You need maximum traction during wet and icy conditions and for that you need optimal tyre pressure. However, tyre pressure can actually drop due to cold weather, so it’s important to stay on top of this.

Invest in new wiper blades, if you need them

We’re sure you’ll agree that being able to see is an important part of safe driving! Wiper blades don’t last forever and most of us have experienced the ‘joys’ of poor wiper blades in heavy rain and frost. To avoid the dangers that come with this experience, check your wiper blades now and invest in a new set if you need to. If you’re unsure, we suggest investing in new wiper blades if you haven’t done so for a couple of years. They are inexpensive and very important.

Give your car the once over

There are other things that you’d do well to check, to ensure the safety of your car this winter. Your battery, your belts and hoses, in addition to antifreeze and the other things we’ve mentioned, are all important. If you haven’t had your car checked for some time, or if it’s feeling a little less than ship shape, consider booking it in for a service, or even just asking us to check the important points for you so that we can advise based on its condition.

Don’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to winter car safety! A check now could prevent a breakdown later.